Can I wirelessly connect my Anchor Audio portable sound and PA systems without Anchor AIR? How?

Yes! For the Beacon, Liberty, Go Getter, and MegaVox, you can connect your two main units (one unit must have a built-in wireless receiver) using the following directions

  1. Using a 6000-14P cable, connect a WB-8000 beltpack to the line out port of your unit
  2. Match the wireless channel (1-16) on your WB-8000 to the wireless channel on the other main unit’s wireless receiver
  3. Ensure that both frequencies are the same on the beltpack and your other unit. Enjoy!

The Bigfoot is a little different, but you can still wireless connect the main units using the following directions.

  1. Plug WB-9000 into main unit using 6000-14P into line out port
  2. Plug ALB-9000 into secondary unit using Mini-15 (AUX cable) into line in port (set to line level)
  3. Make sure both beltpacks are set to the same frequency